Our commitments for health and safety

Health and safety is a priority for us internally, for our employees and for our users. Our commitment to workplace health and safety has been recognized since 2009 by the BSOHSAS 18001 standard and later by the ISO 45001 standard.

Security in our organization

Health and safety integrated in Webliens

  • Webliens module for risk analysis and the Single Risk Assessment Document
  • Management of accidents by the module Non-Conformities module to determine areas for improvement
  • Automatic calculation and display of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment integrated into Webliens on each workstation according to the product being packaged.
  • Security management system certified ISO 45001

Employees health and safety

Health and safety in manufacturing and packaging

  • Risk analysis module and the Single Risk Assessment Document to analyze the risks to which employees may be exposed.
  • Accident management to determine areas of improvement
  • Personal Protective Equipment required at each workstation
  • Half of employees trained as First Aiders at work

Users health and safety

Automatic documentation thanks to the DAMI system

  • Automatic calculation and display of Personal Protective Equipment on commercial documents
  • Automatic risk calculation on documents (labels, Technical Data Sheet, Safety Data Sheet.)
  • Webliens records all the people to whom we have communicated a Safety Data Sheet and automatically returns the updates of the sheets significantly modified
  • The site ft-fds.org has each person who connects to it to get one of our Safety Data Sheet is to be registered for the automation of the update
  • All labels have a QR code that allows immediate access to the Safety Data Sheet